Promote web standards

In addition to attending W3C events such as Workshops and Talks, supporters of open, royalty-free standards can help promote web technologies through the activities listed below.


The W3C community provides a great service through volunteer translations of technical reports and other documentation. You can search the translations database and volunteer your own translation (or collaborate with someone else wishing to translate the same document).

Using standards

W3C makes a number of tools available to help people build sites that work with standards. The most popular is the W3C validator service but we encourage you to check the other checkers as well.

Logos and icons

W3C Home Page

We invite you to show your support for standards by displaying the W3C icon or any of the many other logos made available by W3C; please see the W3C logo usage policy.

Education and outreach

W3C has chartered groups to conduct education and outreach in these areas: